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John Keller &

Dane Ayers




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Photography by Emanuele


Clean, family friendly DJs



DJMC's Dane Ayers & John Keller joined up to form DowntownDJs the most interactive and fun DJ team in all of Tampa Bay!


Video here on the left is Dane doing the shoegame and transforming the room from dinner to dancing.

Anyone can play music, know what to play and how break the ice and get the wedding rolling, that takes skill, the skill of a wedding MC.

Dane having fun with a bride & groom at the Rusty Pelican in Tampa Florida

John & Dane doing formal introductions

DowntownDJ Dane Ayers

End of Evening

Call anytime 727 849-3535 (Keep in mind if you call after hours or weekends we may be working an event)   



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